Event Information:

  • Mon

    CASA AvSafety Seminar "ENHANCING PILOT SKILLS - Weather to Fly"

    1830 - 2130Kyneton Airfield , 1505 Kyneton-Metcalfe Road, Kyneton VIC 3444


    • Dangers of flying into IMC as a VFR pilot
    • Flight Planning
    • En route decision making

    The Kyneton Aero Club is very pleased to again be teaming with CASA to help improve aviation safety through CASA's excellent AvSafety Seminar Series.

    Light refreshments will be served from 1730 and again at the conclusion of the Seminar; which starts at 1830.

    Please note that due to strict COVID-19 attendance limits registrations are now closed; confirming for those that have Registered the event is going ahead - see you there.


Enjoying a stopover on a scenic flight from Kyneton Airfield.
One of the many Cancer Council “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea” Fly-ins held at Kyneton Airfield